Bridging ​The Gap Between Writers and Producers.

Bridge 17: Compelling Stories. Extraordinary Writing.


Hearing and reading other writers’ scripts will also help you to recognize new approaches to writing, or bad habits to avoid.

 READ published TV/Film scripts

 REVIEW genre paradigms

 HONE story openings and first skills

 REVIEW act structures and STYLE.

 PEER script reviews for committed members.

 Monthly WRITING lock-ins (12-hour writing sessions).


Weekly Script Read Schedule

March 3rd at 7pm


Judas & The Black Messiah

Writing for the times in another time.

March 10th at 7pm


Fleabag Pilot

Brilliance of honoring ugly behaviors.

March 17th at 7pm


On The Run

Regular everyday people and their problems.

March 24th at 7pm


Grey's Anatomy 202

Writing a story engine with a lot of gas.

March 31st at 7pm


Get Out

Writing a simple movie about trying to quit smoking.


Sc​ript Club Rules

 • The purpose of this script club is to read and hear other writers so if you have a script, and you are ready to discuss it...     you are in the right place.

• Please respect the authority of the moderator.

• After the reading, the writer should remain quiet and take notes while everyone else says what they like and don’t like about the script that was read. It’s important to say both—even if you liked or disliked the script. Everyone should be constructive in their notes, and only when the group has completed their feedback should the writer ask questions.

• Keep on topic, but feel free to introduce information that is relevant to the discussion (historical facts, authors that may help, or topics).

• All meetings will start on time.

• Scripts must be read ahead of the club meeting.