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Bridging ‚ÄčThe Gap Between Writers and Producers.

Bridge 17: Compelling Stories. Extraordinary Writing.


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WRITERS, this is a community created just for you!

A safe space to open yourself, bare yourself, share your private mental space, the weird stuff, open your veins, and spill it out on another writer's work.

Come to develop ideas, gain/offer constructive feedback, build character development skills, review script structure, and overall insight into your work and the industry. We need people who are relentless to the craft. The novice, the academic, the experienced, and anyone in between are welcomed. We need you in the writer's room. Not only for your work but for the betterment of Atlanta script writing.

PRODUCERS, this a room created just for your projects!

Maybe you've heard the script at a table read and thought, "that was good" - it could be better, but you shoot the project anyway. Here's the thing, a table read with actors is great to understand the flow and ensure you've cast appropriately. However, a table read with writers...well now you're getting to the craft of storytelling. Does a line sound too on-the-nose? How's your subtext? Foreshadowing okay? Does the character's action or dialogue match the character traits? These are all areas where writers (a group of writers) enhance your project.

Try it, email us to schedule consultation today!

Please text or email us that you're coming to visit.

text: 678-744-7225

email: [email protected]

Bridge 17 Classes

Classes for all script writers.

Tues. Mar 13th - May 1st


TV Tuesday's- Writing for TV/Web Series Class -

For writers (beginners, novice, intermediate, all levels welcome) of TV and Web Series who write to pitch, option, and/or learn how to collaborate with other writers. Formulate ideas, premise, character development, plot, series arch, and pitch prep.

(Max class size 25)

Tuesdays 7pm-9:30pm


Pays for full 8-week course.

Or $75 per month. (per 4 weeks)

Register Here

Thurs. Mar 15th - May 3rd


Film Thursday's - Writing Feature Films

Learn how to write a movie using the sequence method. Writers will complete one-pagers, outline/beat sheets, then writers will script 15 pages every two weeks, By the end of the 8 weeks, 60 pages of the writer's movie script will be written and edited using the tools learned in class. (Max class size 25)

Thursdays 7pm-9:30pm


Pays for full 8-week course. Or $75 per month. (per 4 weeks)

Register Here

Sat. Mar 17th - May 5th


Short Film Saturday's - Script to Screen Class

In this 8-week writer's Bootcamp young writers will learn the basic of film and television writing by scribing a 10-page web series. Over the course, we will perfect the script and conduct a table read with actors. 

(Max class size 20)

Saturdays 11:30am- 1:30pm


Pays for full 1-week of the writing course.

Register Here

Oscar Nominated Scripts -2017

Download and save scripts now before studios take them down.

All film synopsis provided by

Oscar Nominated Hidden Figures


Written by Yorgos Lanthimos, Efthimis Filippou

David lives in a future society in which being part of a couple is mandatory, and single people are given 45 days to find a mate or else be turned into the animal of their choosing. After David fails to find love, he escapes and joins The Loners, a reclusive group that insists on celibacy.

Oscar Nominated La La Land


Written by Damien Chazelle

Aspiring actress Mia and jazz pianist Sebastian struggle to realize their dreams in Los Angeles despite the often soul-crushing commercial nature of show business. As they endure rejection and forge unexpected paths to stardom, the young couple also strives to sustain the love they were surprised to find.

Oscar Nominated Manchester by the Sea


Written by Kenneth Lonergan

When his beloved older brother dies, handyman Lee Chandler returns to his hometown, a close-knit fishing community in Massachusetts. There, Lee struggles to cope with his current grief and a tragedy from his past while also summoning the strength to comfort his teenage nephew, who has been left in his care.

Oscar Nominated Hidden Figures


Written by Taylor Sheridan

Toby and his ex-con brother Tanner rob branches of a West Texas bank to obtain enough money to prevent the foreclosure of their family ranch. Crafty Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton is soon on the case, his last before he retires, and as Marcus zeroes in on them, the brothers attempt one last score.

Oscar Nominated 20th Century Women Script PDF


Written by Mike Mills

Teenager Jamie lives with his nonconformist mother Dorothea in Santa Barbara, California. In 1979, the other women in his life are Abbie, a boarder in their home, and Julie, his best friend. Dorothea and Jamie have a complicated bond, with Dorothea struggling to remain preeminent in her son's life while also giving him the freedom to grow.

Oscar Nominated Lion


Screenplay by Luke Davies

After being separated from his family in India, five-year-old Saroo is adopted by an Australian couple who raise him with great love. As an adult, however, Saroo is troubled by resurfacing memories of his birth family and employs new worldwide technology to locate them.

Oscar Nominated Hidden Figures


Screenplay by Eric Heisserer

When 12 alien spacecraft land on Earth, U.S. officials ask linguistics professor Louise Banks to team with theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly and learn how to communicate with the visitors. While Louise races to learn the aliens' language, uneasy governments around the globe debate the advisability of military action.

Oscar Nominated Moonlight


Screenplay by Barry Jenkins; Story by Tarell Alvin McCraney

As he grows from childhood to adulthood in Miami, a young black man grapples with surviving the poverty and drugs that pervade his neighborhood, establishing his own identity and accepting his sexuality. Under the influences of his drug-addicted mother, a kindly surrogate father and a conflicted best friend, the youth finds his way in life.

Oscar Nominated Hidden Figures


Screenplay by August Wilson

Troy Maxson, a former star player in the Negro Leagues, lives with his wife Rose and teenage son Cory in Pittsburgh in 1957. Troy is bitter about missing the integration of professional baseball, and his caustic attitudes toward life and race relations taint his relationship with Cory, an aspiring football player.

Oscar Nominated Hidden Figures


Screenplay by Allison Schroeder and Theodore Melfi

In the early 1960s, as the U.S. seeks to surpass the Soviet Union in the space race, three mathematically and technologically gifted African-American women must cope with racism and sexism while performing vital tasks at NASA's segregated Virginia facilities.