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Yep, it's the Golden Era for Television. You've got the perfect series procedural, or sitcom, or dramedy  in mind, we've got the tools to pull it together. TV writing is more than a great script alone. Producers need to see your idea completely fleshed out - we've got you!



Not just a story, this is your story, or your idea, or your spin on an old idea. Film is art. You'll need writers that understand the story architecture of the art. 

Welcome to The Bridge.


Co-Work & Event Space

7,000 sq ft of co-work, event space, podcast, production, meetings, screenings, and castings.

Phase One NOW OPEN.


The Writer's Room

Your accountability team! Sure writing is an isolated sport - however, who can you call when you need another set of eyes? Where do Producers go to take a really dope concept to script? A team of writers - that's where!


The Writer's Room

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TV Tuesday - Episodic Writing III

For writers (intermediate and advanced) of TV and Web Series who write to pitch, option, and/or learn how to collaborate with other writers and learn the business of screenwriting. (Max class size 20)

Tuesday 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

900 Murphy Ave

Atlanta, GA 30310

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Film Thursday - Feature Writing III

Learn how to write a movie using the sequence method. Becoming a screenwriter for hire, selling, pitching, and getting funding for independent feature films. (Max class size 20)

Thursday 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

900 Murphy Ave

Atlanta, GA 30310

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New Writers - Script Basics

In this 5-week NEW and NOVICE series, writers will learn the basic of film and television writing with a 10-page web series. Over the course, we will perfect the script and conduct a table read with actors. (Max class size 20)

Saturday 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

900 Murphy Ave

Atlanta, GA 30310

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Pitch NIght is open to current and alumni of B17 Writer's Room. Meet industry professionals looking to acquire new projects.

Content Creators of Atlanta's 2nd Annual charity gala, a rock-star night for the real heroes of content - the Writers! This is the first event in Atlanta to highlight independent screenwriters and other content creators. 2018's theme; Sentiments of a New Era is to highlight the emergence of new and original voices in Atlanta.

The Writers’ Throwdown is a unique competition designed for writers to collaborate with one another and compete for head-on in hopes to walk away with $500 in cold cash. Have access to an exclusive meeting with our sponsored network executives and let's not forget those well-earned bragging rights for this year’s competition! 

Grab your team and Write Your Future.

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Our Mission

If we could do or be anything else we surely wouldn't choose screenwriting. Writing is not a desire for the team of Bridge 17 - it's a must. We live for the strain of a blank white page and yearn to fill it up.

Good writers keenly observe the world around them. Great writers have a story for the world around them. Our one and only goal is to be a penetrating voice in the midst of history, whether that history is yours or ours, we share in the adventure of story.

What our customers are saying

Working with Bridge 17 was nothing short of amazing. The professionalism was through the charts. The team that was assembled for my project went over and beyond my expectations. I look forward to working with them in the near future. If you have an idea and want to bring it to life then do what's right and hire Bridge 17 and you won't be disappointed.

Anwar Patterson - Archive Entertainment

Bridge 17 Product: Producer Writer's Room and Series Bible

What Our Customers Are Saying

The most talented, fastest, and professional group of writers I've ever worked with.

Dwayne Boyd - 34th & Askew Productions

Bridge 17 Products: Writer's Room Management, Show Creation, Series Bible,

TV Pilot Script, One-Pagers, Feature Script, Short Film Script, and  Project Pitch Book.

What our customers are saying

I was very skeptical about trusting another company writing my vision, but as soon as I met with this professional and compassionate company, and the team, I felt like we were meant to work with them. Not only have they met our needs, but they went above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied and more.  I would recommend this company to anyone who wants their story told correctly! They will bring your vision to life. :)

Kamille Boyd-Gilmore - Kameo Productions

Bridge 17 Products: Show Reconstruction, Reality Cast Interviews, and Reality Treatment.

Had a wonderful experience from start to finish. The Bridge 17 team is creative, supportive, passionate, and professional. I was more than impressed with the product they delivered!

Genia Nooks - Author of Rylei Scoolylei Children Series

Bridge 17 Products: Animated Series TV Pilot Script and Series Bible.

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