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Bridge 17: Compelling Stories. Extraordinary Writing.


The Bridge 17 Method

4-Week Private Two-Hour Sessions

4-week private sessions for story ideation, development, and overall scriptwriting improvements. Sign-up for these sessions if you have a script in "working-draft" status.

2-hour sessions or 1-hour per session twice a week



Write Your Professional Feature or One-Hour Script Outline in 8 Weeks

A New Lab for Stage 32 Writers!

Payment Plans Available - Contact [email protected] for more Information

only 9 Spots Still Available - Don't Miss Out Your chance to be mentored by a professional writer who has worked with Netflix, TVOne, Aspire TV, AMC, Bounce TV, and more.

Write your feature or television pilot outline in 8 weeks while being mentored by a professional screenwriter and script consultant!

Lab Schedule (8 sessions):

Saturday, Oct 29TH    9 - 11AM PDT

Saturday, Nov 5TH      9 - 11AM PDT

Saturday, Nov 12TH     9 - 11AM PST

Saturday, Nov 19TH     9 - 11AM PST

Saturday, Nov 26TH    9 - 11AM PST

Saturday, Dec 3RD      9 - 11AM PST

Saturday, Dec 10TH     9 - 11AM PST

Saturday, Dec 17TH      9 - 11AM PST



Writer Wednesdays (Resumes September 14th, 2022)

Sometimes we just need to gather with other writers!

Let's read, critique, and workshop scripts

Suggested Schedule

4pm - Writers Gather: pleasantries, wine, snacks and intro of Writing Topic

4:15 - Writers write: topic or personal work

6pm - Break

6:30 - Writers Gather to discuss the "Script of the Week"

7:30 - Writers Nerd Out and discuss current shows, films, techniques, scripts, and work opportunities (an opportunity to watch scenes here)

8:30 - Adjourn

Writer Submissions to "Script of the Week"

- 1st 2 weeks will focus on Industry Scripts (1 film, 1 TV)

- Writer Must attend at least 3 sessions to have script critiqued

Script must meet group criteria:

1. properly formatted at industry level

2. specified genre

3. clear and properly formatted scenes

4. fully fleshed out characters

5. decisive act structure


Listen/Read more about B17.

Independent Content Developers

Bridge 17 works with independent producers/developers to create content for your digital platform, film, pilots, and/or offer story editing and script supervisory work for independent project(s).


Screening Space

Speak space, screenings, casting calls, meetings, and rehearsals.

Monthly Indie Night

Accepting Submissions Soon


Writer Wednesdays

Sometimes we just need to gather with other writers!

Let's read, critique, and workshop scripts.

Resumes September 14th, 2022


Our Mission

If we could do or be anything else we surely wouldn't choose screenwriting. Writing is not a desire for the team of Bridge 17 - it's a must. We live for the strain of a blank white page and yearn to fill it up.

Good writers keenly observe the world around them. Great writers have a story for the world around them. Our one and only goal is to be a penetrating voice in the midst of history, whether that history is yours or ours, we share in the adventure of story.

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